Winter 2018

ESM 186: Environmental Remote Sensing 


ESM 185: Aerial Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing 

Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

This course introduces basic concepts of remote sensing and aerial photo interpretation, and provides you with the skills necessary to use remotely sensed imagery to answer questions about the world around us. Students will be able to 1) Articulate electromagnetic spectrum and its usage in remote sensing; 2) Explain the concepts of spatial, spectral, radiometric, and temporal resolution; 3) Describe the basic elements of visual image analysis and interpret aerial photographs; 4) Describe and apply the spectral signatures for remote sensing applications; and 5) Perform fundamental digital image processing tasks, including: georectification, radiometric preprocessing, band ratioing, and image classification.

Spring 2016

HYD 298: Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing for Agriculture and Natural Resource Management 

This course reviews recent advances and examines various applications of remote sensing techniques in agriculture and natural resource management. It explores advanced concepts and algorithms in information extraction from both satellite and aerial remote sensing observations. Examples cover a wide range of environmental applications of remote sensing. Students do a project or write a research paper.

Course Objectives

The goal of this graduate level course is to expand the knowledge of remote sensing and introduce the approaches for solving real-world problems using remote sensing data.  The specific objectives of the course are to (1) review basic remote sensing concepts and theories, (2) explore data collection and preprocessing methods, (3) introduce advanced information extraction techniques for applications in agriculture and natural ecosystems,  (4) learn the quantitative analysis process,  (5) cultivate critical thinking skills, and (6) prepare for independent research projects. 

Winter 2017

GEO 298: Environmental Monitoring and Research with Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS)