California View



CaliforniaView's vision is to promote and advance remote sensing education within the state of California utilizing predominantly USGS Landsat data sets to solve societal problems. It has become the state’s go-to remote sensing educational resource since 2012. CaliforniaView has supported California’s economy and sustainable environment by

  • Providing imagery and geospatial tools to the workforce for damage assessment and disaster preparedness.
  • Relaying data-driven information to stakeholders to support better- informed decision making on pressing environmental issues such as drought and wildfires.
  • Educating and exciting the general public and educators about the benefits and applications of remote sensing imagery.
  • Training educators and students on the accessibility of free Landsat data
  • Providing lesson plans guiding teachers on the implementation of remote sensing into their classroom curricula. T


UC Davis annual picnic day showcase


To introduce remote sensing at the public venues, CaliforniaView has been hosting exhibit at the annual University Open House (Picnic Day) at UC Davis with more than 70,000 visitors each spring.

Interesting activities included a hands-on matching game with Landsat mosaic of California, a citizen science data collection-mapping project on campus, thermal infrared imaging test, and most recently a showcase of UAV systems including 3D Solo, DJI, and Precision Hawk, and of UAV applications with posters.





UAV/drone field day demo and training

UAV_Training.pngCaliforniaView provided demos and training on UAV flight planning at public events like the UC Drone Camp and Field Days.

We also trained many interns by pairing them with graduate students in research projects involved with UAV remote sensing.



NASA Ames Research Center Airborne Facility Tour