Gallo_Oct21_2.JPGCalifornia is the largest and most diverse productive agricultural state for decades, supplying nearly half of domestic fruits, nuts and vegetatbles and generating $44 billion in revenue in 2012 (CDFA). However, the state's agriculture will continue to face serious challenges posed by climate change and extreme event, including drought, heat waves, reduced chill hours fro fruits, and increased pests and invasive species. Spatial and temporal crop information is critical for more effective water and nutriuent management. At the Jin Lab, our goal is to bring "big data" for modern "data-driven" precision agriculture. We are interested in using exisiting multi-sensor satellite remote sensing observations and developing new UAV/drone sensor systems for 

      a) monitoring crop growth and yield;

      b) detecting crop stress and disease; 

      c) quantifying consumptive water use.

Our monitoring capabilities will provide the farmers timely and spatially explicit crop information, help them to tailor their use of water, fertizers, and chemicals based on how much is needed and thus to optimize crop yields while minimizing water and nutrient inputs